About Gottall


  Hubei Gottall development heavy industry technology Co., Ltd.,Committed to high-end agricultural machinery and hydraulic components of the development, production and sales. Company is located in the old industrial city - Huangshi City, Hubei Province, covers an area of 1050 acres. Company to "China's benchmark, the world brand" as the goal, with "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" for the Culture content 'efforts to create a respected business.

  Company to customer focus established strict quality assurance system, customers want to think, to ensure that product performance parameters, reliability, life index meet rising customer requirements. The company has established a high level, rich experience, rapid response to the support Service team.

Company to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for enterprise core, under the science and Technology Research Institute, with a large number of high-end technical personnel and a large number of patented technology, engaged in a variety of high-end joint harvesting machinery, plant protection machinery, straw harvesting machinery, agricultural digging loading machinery research and development and technical services. Practical, high cost of scientific and technological elements are constantly injected into the product, to ensure that the product is always ahead.
The management of the company has a long-term business management experience, high education, high quality, full of energy. The company's core technology team has 10 years of experience in a cooperative R & D products, the backbone of the technical staff are engaged in the industry for many years 10~20 professionals, led by the leading experts。

  My company is willing to work with all parties to promote the progress of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery applications, for human food security to make a contribution to food

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